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Since its establishment, the company has formed a unique development mode of tire export trade and made great achievements thanks to the China growth.
In June 2003, the original Qingdao AN-TYRE Trade Corp., LTD. was established.
In 2004, based on the import and export of rubbers and tyres, the company recruited unwonted top-ranking professionals in leading tyre trade and high-tech tyre research and development.
In 2005, the company made tyre export as its main business. According to the feedback information of the international market, it developed high-performance tyres of over 30 specifications and 100 kinds with high technology and value-added profits, which were welcome in developed countries, and meanwhile, applied for and obtained 15 national patents. Therefore, it immediately chose one appropriate tyre manufacturer for mould investment and OEM, thus the market network quickly spread almost all developed countries. The enterprise became one of the top ten in world tyre industry and one of the two enterprises possessing high-performance tyres in China, realizing the most critical leap of development.
In September 2005, the company passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
In October 2005, it was renamed as Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Co., Ltd.
In 2006, 3 domestic factories began to produce high-performance tyres and the production and sales amount was rapidly expanded, basically completing the mould investment, production and sales of all high-performance tyre specifications required by global market. At the same time, the company developed complete series cargo truck tyres of over 20 specifications and 100 kinds, and chose 2 reliable manufacturers for mould investment and OEM, thus becoming one of the three enterprises possessing the most varieties and highest grade of tyres in China’s tyre industry.

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