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FuLLRun Culture

1. Enterprise Culture
Core: Take Conception Innovation as Forerunner, Strategy Innovation as Direction, Organization Innovation as Guarantee, Technology Innovation as Means, Market Innovation as Objective.
Management: Create Harmony, Pursue Elaboration Behaviour: Doing the right things correctly the first time.
Work Style: Start from the commonplace, start from ourselves.
Talents: Being an upright person first, while keeping improvement Service: The customer demand is our pursuit.

2. Spirit
Integrity, Competition, Innovation, Devotion

3. Policy
Carry out efficient operation, quality center, cooperation & sharing, continuous improvement, diligence & stability, energy saving & environmental protection as well as team harmony

4. Objective
Be earnest and dare to challenge, adapt to the trend of the times, keep self-improvement, obtain power from competition, strive to be an international large enterprise, and great undertaking

5. Work Style
Strict Implementation, Immediate Action, Daily Work, Daily Completion and Daily Improvement

6. Management
(1) Principle: Merciless discipline, merciful leaders, strict for both staff and leaders;
Strict but just, moderate and merciful, discipline and education integration;
The improved work shall not decline; the proven work shall not be forged.
(2) Core:
Human factor, capital concept and quality awareness are the core of deep management.
(3) Standard
Speak by truth, reason by number and interpret by achievements.

7. Business Philosophy:
Build a man by virtue, begin an undertaking by diligence and survive in world by integrity.

8. Core Values:
Excellent product is the expression of employee value;
Market demand is the manifestation of corporate value;
Customer growth is the pursuit of our value.